The media learned how Putin is blackmailing Ukraine

СМИ узнали, как Путин шантажирует Украину

German tabloid Bild reports that around the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”, a new scandal erupted – it turns out that Russia had not given guarantees of gas transit through Ukraine, reports ONLINE.UA.

As you know, before the end of the construction of “Nord stream-2” is a few months. In August last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised German Chancellor Angela Merkel not to abandon the gas transit through Ukraine in parallel with the operation of the “Nord stream-2”. In January foreign Minister Heiko Maas was glad that “last year President Putin gave his consent to the continuation of the transit of natural gas through Ukraine”.

In the German edition turned out to be a confidential document of the German foreign Ministry (with the mark “Confidential – for official use only”), regarding negotiations between the European Commission, Russia and Ukraine, which “causes much doubt in the statements of Angela Merkel and Heiko Maas.

This paper deals with the following:

“Russia has identified three prerequisites for the continuation of transit of gas through Ukraine: adjustment of the contract on the transit of gas from 2009; concessions of Ukraine concerning the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court; termination of Ukraine’s attempts to recover owed by court funds in third countries”.

This means that the approval of the German government on the provision of guarantees of gas supply in parallel with the “Nord stream-2” is frankly false statements.

“In a confidential document of the German foreign Ministry also States that “the Commission basically supports the position of Ukraine: preconditions, negotiations should not be the decision of the Stockholm arbitration court is final,” reports Bild.