The media reported details about the circumstances of the death of the battalion commander Gubanova

В СМИ сообщили детали об обстоятельствах гибели комбата Губанова

The commander of the police battalion “Lugansk-1” Sergey Gubanov, along with three other fighters held on 20 may kontrdiversionnoy work to combat smuggling and prevent the passage of insurgents near the village of Trekhizbenka, when blown up by stretching.

This commentary to “Gromadsky” said the fighter of a battalion Dmitry Wojciech.

“They often went often worked. But this time blown up by stretching. No one can tell when it is put there – maybe a month ago, maybe an hour before they came,” says the company commander.

Battalion “Lugansk-1” patrol the line of demarcation from the Crimean to the village of Lugansk is about 100 km, However, special attention was focused to the area in the near Trehizbenki, where controlled or occupied a territory separated only by a shallow river 30 meters wide.

“This was the place we always stopped the smuggling, which they crossed by boats. They apparently waited for someone to come, someone will come,” – said Wojciech.

He said that among the three people who were injured, one in serious condition, one in moderate condition, and one (the Deputy commander) was slightly injured.

Farewell to Sergey Gubanova will be held on may 22 at 10 a.m. in the Lugansk regional academic Ukrainian music and drama theater in Severodonetsk.