The medic said, how much sex is required for health

Медик сообщил, сколько интима требуется для здоровья

The topic of sex in society is found everywhere. The images on the verge of legality draw attention to new products and products and raise sales.

Movies “18+” every year collect an increasing cash in theaters. And, of course, no popular page on Instagram is not without sexual connotation.

From this abundance of content of a sexual nature, the common man begins to feel that his life is something wrong. Fears can dispel only the doctor-sexologist personally, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, the doctor-sexologist Eugene Kulgavchuk. If you don’t want to go to the doctor, you should follow the “sexual norm”.

“In sexology there is such concept as FID (conditionally-physiological rhythm). It is not a mandatory standard, but according to him it is believed that intimate contact is needed 2-3 times a week. This is the average norm, and people have different temperament and different sexual Constitution. It is important to know their sexual Constitution. If the person is in arrears of its norm, the quality of life and worse health worse,” – said the sexologist.

Overdo the sex is not worth it. If you greatly exceed the rate of their sexual activity, the very process of intimacy you will begin to pall. There are also very specific restrictions. Sexologist Eugene Kulgavchuk in an interview with radio Sputnik called the cases when it is better to abstain.

“On the eve of very important events where you have an important presentation, I usually recommend at least a day to refrain from intimate contacts. After a phase of voltage is always followed by a relaxation phase. After an intimate and vivid contact nervous system goes into protective mode, in recovery mode. If during this process you need to show good results, the efficiency will be lower. Before important events should refrain, and after reward yourself”, – said the expert.