The Method Of Kurtz. Why is Austria the first in Europe began to lift restrictions on quarantine

Метод Курца. Почему Австрия первой в Европе начала снимать ограничения по карантину

Austria first in Europe from mid-April begins to soften quarantine. And on 1 may, will resume services. Will be reopened all the shops and restaurants.

The reason is that the number of cases of coronavirus begins to decrease and recovered to increase. And all this, what is most important – without enormous sacrifices, as in neighboring Italy.

Now the country’s 12 293 infected and 220 of the dead.

The “country” tells how Austria is struggling with the epidemic and how the situation could be reversed.

Coronavirus in Austria. Statistics in dynamics

Today, April 6, the Chancellor Sebastian Kurz issued a statement on further steps the government.

In mid-April, the authorities will be allowed to open stores with a total area of 400 square meters.

May 1 should make all stores, shopping centers and hairdresser under strict security measures, such as wearing masks and a limited number of customers in the hall.

Hotels and restaurants will leave closed until mid-may. The ban on public events will leave in force until the end of June. The decision on restrictions for the summer will be taken at the end of April.

Also remain closed and the border of Austria with other countries.

And extended until 1 may of the current restrictions on the exit of people on the street.

“Restrictions on exit from the houses which are now extended to the end of April. This means that there are four reasons to leave your house. First, to go to work, and second, food third, to help other people and, fourth, to stretch out, get some fresh air and exercise in the fresh air,” said Kurtz.

He also said that when the restrictions will be lifted, the government will monitor the movements of citizens through their smartphones. Two million Austrians who have no smartphones, the government wants to hand out special trinkets.

That is, until it is impossible to tell what’s coming a complete return to the former rhythm of life, but there are first steps to him.

The reason for optimism was the result of the struggle with the coronavirus, which is reflected in the statistics.

On 4 April, the number recovered for the first time exceeded the number of new cases. This trend lasted into the next day. A day recovering about 400 people, and ill – 250.

Dynamics of the fall of the new cases is clearly visible on this graph.

As Austria struggled with the coronavirus

First of all, what is important – preparing for the epidemic in Austria began when Europe was not one of the sick, and the virus raged only in China. Back in January the Austrian government started a massive purchase of all the necessary for hospitals. And when in late February, the disease came into the country, the health system was already in a fairly high degree of readiness.

Austria began to introduce measures of quarantine in the first half of March.

March 10 classes at universities has been temporarily suspended, transferred students on distance learning. Employers are also asked to transfer employees to udalenku.

Gradually began to impose ban on holding mass events. Temples ceased to open worship.

Soon, the country has introduced border controls with neighbouring States. March 19 for all arriving in the country was established a mandatory quarantine for 14 days. Those who came from the affected coronavirus Italy in General were not allowed into the country without a medical certificate about absence Covid-19.

Finally, on March 16, the ban was imposed to leave the house in addition to the above four reasons, closed all the restaurants, shopping malls and other services in addition to grocery stores and pharmacies. The business, which has suffered from the quarantine, the state has allocated a huge amount of support is € 35 billion.

From 1 April introduced a requirement that, in a public place can appear only in masks (they are often handed out free at the entrance to the store).

However, we cannot say that all these standards are tightly controlled. In supermarkets you can go without a mask, and the largest parks of Vienna – the Prater and Stadtpark on those warm weekend was full of people as in “peaceful” times. The police, no one “pack” and not fines.

Although these fines will be laid, and already have according to official statistics many examples in their collection (starting from 600 euros and above).

Public transport and the metro is also not closed.

In General, the emphasis of the program is for awareness of citizens, not repressive mechanisms.

Another important is the mass testing. Austrians do not go to be tested in hospitals. If you have symptoms, they cause to his house doctors on a special phone 1450. Coming “soon”, the doctors do the test and then for a maximum of two days (and now even faster) give the result.

Austria is one of the first places in Europe by the number of made laboratory tests – 12 357 per million people (in Ukraine – 347).

All this helps to quickly establish patients. Infected citizens quickly passed under the supervision of physicians, their contacts are identified and isolated.

In addition, doctors help of thousands of volunteers, and 15 of the thousands of people who have undergone alternative service in hospitals and in social services.

All this has allowed the Austrian medical system to withstand the peak of the disease and to work without crashing.

What does the Austrian experience for Ukraine?

As you can see, the quarantine measures are only part of the measures that have been taken by Austria. Of great importance were the overlap of the boundaries and the observation of arrivals and well-established system of testing, identification of coronavirus, its treatment. And most importantly – the early preparation of the health system to the epidemic.

From all this, Ukraine has made only one imposed a total quarantine. And in many respects are even stricter than in Austria – with the abolition of public transport, a complete ban on visiting parks. In addition, our entrepreneurs, in contrast to the Austrian, no compensation for stopping its business did not receive, and just send people on unpaid leave.

All other sranivat impossible.

The health system did not start preparing for the epidemic ahead of time (Prime Minister Goncharuk did not even restricted the export of medical products needed to fight the epidemic).

Our country, after the Declaration of a total quarantine skipped across their borders without any observation of tens and hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from EU countries (including Italy).

Having not completed the first stage – minimize exposure of the virus from risky countries – Ukraine failed and the second mass testing, early identification of patients and their contacts.

The first week of the epidemic there was a complete chaos with the testing.

Only recently was put a clear rule in which the doctors come to people and doing the tests. But now they do very little. Because of what statistics coronavirus is far from real.

And, more importantly, it does not allow time to isolate and take control of when those who have the disease occurs in a mild form. Note that this measure can radically stop the disease. And not to stop the entire state.

In such a situation, on the one hand, the total quarantine does not protect against the spread of the epidemic. On the other hand, in the collapsed system of medicine, it remains the only available for the authorities a means of containment of the disease.

Health Minister Maksym Stepanov said that our medicine will not sustain the influx and 10 thousand infected. Therefore, trying to isolate and healthy, and the sick. Without removing quarantine restrictions, but rather tightening them.

“Austria back to life”

“Austria is slowly brought back to life. Although the victory over coronavirus early to say, but the numbers are encouraging, says “the Country” newspaper Kurier Johanna Hager. You will recover more people every day than be sick. It failed largely due to the discipline of the Austrians, who had fulfilled the requirements, high level of medicine and quick response at the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus”.

According to Johanna, Austria before others in Europe have adopted restrictive measures in early March. Immediately closed the borders with Italy and demanded a medical certificate confirming the absence of coronavirus in travelers from countries with a high incidence of (the same in Italy, Iran, South Korea, China). Also immediately banned from major events, the school was transferred to the remote mode, and then closed the restaurants, shops, hairdresser, restricted residents to travel.

As a result if in mid-March the growth of new infections was more than 40 percent, currently, it is 1.6 percent.

“The easing of the quarantine, however, does not mean that you can run to the football or to the pub. Continue until about mid-may you will need to go in disguise, the training will continue online. Also allowed to celebrate Easter at home. How will weaken the quarantine will depend on whether fall incidence. But the borders will be closed, as there is a danger of the virus,” – said the journalist.

Метод Курца. Почему Австрия первой в Европе начала снимать ограничения по карантину

Метод Курца. Почему Австрия первой в Европе начала снимать ограничения по карантину