The Microsoft Edge for macOS became prematurely available for installation

Браузер Microsoft Edge для macOS стал досрочно доступен для установки

Late last year Microsoft announced a major update to the browser Edge, most notable of which was the transition to Chromium. Opened on may 6, 2019 the Build conference, the Redmond software giant has officially unveiled an updated web browser, showing including a version for macOS. And yesterday it was discovered that the early release Edge (Canary for the Mac became available for download from the official Microsoft site, although the company did not declare it and page Microsoft Edge Insider, you can download the package only for Windows 10. However, anyone wishing to install the application needs to take into account that this is not the final version, and therefore it is not excluded bugs and broken functionality.

Microsoft Edge for Mac Canary – WalkingCat (@h0x0d) may 7, 2019.

Note that this is not the first Microsoft browser that appeared on the Apple computer platform. In late 1996, the Corporation released Internet Explorer for Mac. First time Explorer for Macintosh was developed on the basis of IE for Windows, however, since the fifth version, released in 2000, it is based on a built from scratch engine Tasman. Three years later, after the release of Internet Explorer for Mac 5.2.3, Microsoft has discontinued the product upgrade, focusing on the development of IE for its own operating system.

Recall that the Edge on the basis of Chromium got a number of interesting innovations. These include the IE mode, allowing you to run Internet Explorer directly in the tab Edge; new privacy settings and a function “Collection”, giving the opportunity to collect and organize materials from web pages and export them to other applications. Learn more about the features of the new product of Microsoft, we said in our separate article. In addition to Windows 10 macOS the updated Edge browser is available to users of Windows 7 and 8, Android and iOS.