The militants “LNR” for almost a year illegally held Ukrainian student

Боевики "ЛНР" почти год незаконно удерживают украинского студента

Sergey Rusyns are still not listed on the exchange.

The militants of the so-called “LC” for almost a year illegally detained Pro-Ukrainian 2nd year student of College of culture and arts Sergei Rusinov, but he is still not listed on the exchange of prisoners.

Rusinov was detained August 28, 2018, but the defenders of the Eastern human rights groups reported the case on 13 August 2019.

“Sergei was detained under article 244 of the code of the so-called “LNR” – the organization of activities of a terrorist group. According to the so-called investigators MGB “LC” Sergei is the organizer of the Pro-Ukrainian terrorist groups and actively adheres to the Pro-Ukrainian position”. the message reads group on Facebook.

According to human rights defenders, the guy was just active users in social networks and the huskies maintained a Pro-Ukrainian posts.

“The so-called court, “LC” sentenced Sergey Rusinov to 6 years of imprisonment and sent him to the Slavyanoserbsk colony No. 60. Sergei is not listed on an exchange, about a few people knows, but the guy truly believes and supports Ukraine”, – noted human rights activists.

The report States that this is not an isolated case. In ORDA weekly detention of citizens of Ukraine who do not support illegal armed groups, they are subject to detention because of their support for Ukraine. When the detentions and the interrogations they do not allow lawyers to use torture.

In this regard, human rights activists urged President Vladimir Zelensky demand from the militants of the so-called “L/DNR” lists of local residents who have been detained since may 2014, the year so far.

“We have to fight for every Ukrainian citizen”, – summed up the defenders.