The minibus with passengers flew into the tow truck: “Not pretty”

Микроавтобус с пассажирами влетел в эвакуатор: «Не красиво получилось»

The van that got in an accident, drove people in the occupied Crimea

Passengers after an accident landed in the hospital.

The incident happened near Kiev on the highway Kiev-Odessa. There is a passenger minibus crashed into a tow truck. The bus driver blames the man sitting behind the wheel of a tow truck, according to a story TSN.

The same version adhere and law enforcement officers. The tow truck left on the counter and faced a minibus.

“Not pretty, no one expected that he will leave for exactly the opposite,” says the driver of the passenger bus. He is the way, got a leg injury.

He himself admitted the tow truck driver pleaded not guilty.

Note that in hospital there were seven people injured in a traffic accident.

As previously reported, the result of a triple accident killed a young woman driver picked up along the way. The accident occurred in the afternoon of 11 June, on the route Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk near the village of Pervomayskaya of Limansky district. There collided with three cars: Opel, Toyota and Suzuki.

As a result of road accident killed a young female passenger, that the driver of “Toyota” picked up along the way. It also reported two more victims.

The circumstances of the accident are established.

Earlier we wrote that one of the candidates who will stand from party “servant of the people”, formerly ran from the accident scene. So, accident happened seven years ago. The then-candidate in people’s deputies Oleg Tarasov rammed the police car.

“Near NSK “Olympic” 28-year-old Kirovohrad businessman Oleg Tarasov rammed a patrol policeman. The driver of the Toyota attempted to enter in the restricted travel zone. He hit the fence road signs and stopped before the gates of the Parking lot”, – stated in the message.

However, this history with Tarasov has not ended.

“One was thrown to the side, the second threw on his hood. Having traveled with the inspector on the hood in the Parking lot, the driver stopped and tried to escape. He was arrested. One of the inspectors was in the hospital, and the driver will take the Prosecutor”, – he stressed.

Микроавтобус с пассажирами влетел в эвакуатор: «Не красиво получилось»

Микроавтобус с пассажирами влетел в эвакуатор: «Не красиво получилось»