The Minister for Finance Estonia: Ukrainian workers in Estonia is no longer and never will be!

Министр финансов Эстонии: украинских работников в Эстонии больше нет и не будет!

According to the Minister of Finance Martin Helme (EKRE), rental of the Ukrainian labour force will no longer come to Estonia in this form, as it was until now. According to him, the coronavirus has put on this cross: laws have changed and, in addition, Ukraine has extended its quarantine and release people, writes Postimees.

“Why employers like temporary workers or, say, the Ukrainians? They like it for several reasons: first, of course, they’re just cheaper because they don’t have to pay for medical insurance and all sorts of other things. Secondly, they are easier to detain in the labor market”, – said the Minister of Finance in EKRE Sunday paid advertising program Tre Raadio.

In the words of Helme, in the case of the Estonian employee of a reduction or termination of employment from the day is expensive, while the Ukrainians in any day to indicate the door.

He acknowledges that the border will open soon, and the temporary workforce at some point again will move – although not as quickly as we would like the producers of strawberries, but due to changes in the law of the Ukrainian labor force will become easier to control, and she will be much more expensive.

On Wednesday, the Riigikogu passed initiated by the government, the Law on foreigners, the Law on income tax and the Law on amendments to the tax Law that prevent the abuse of the rules of working in Estonia, and guarantee that the company will not be able uklanjanja from paying taxes and will pay to foreigners average salary.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that the actual activity of an alien working in Estonia must correspond to the legal grounds and the purpose of his work in Estonia. In addition to citizens of third countries working for a short time in Estonia, and their employers, the obligation to prove the legality of the work in Estonia will also be extended to the company using temporary work, that is, the company-user.

If some time it was hoped that the European Union will open the external border on 1 July, and then June 15, then now, according to Helme, the boundaries may be open, but Ukraine has extended the quarantine and will not release people.

In addition to the agricultural sector, a more flexible use of migrant labour wants the industrial sector, which includes shipping companies of BLRT Grupp and Baltic Workboats.

According to the Agricultural chamber, the government in the last four months were arrogant against the farmers. According to farmers, they just wanted to let labor for harvesting and milking cows. “The government has let us down. The harvest will be lost after all,” – said in the chamber sent out a press message.

According to the chamber, in recent days there have been more and more reports that the Estonian border were sent back the citizens of Ukraine with a valid visa, short-term check on work biometric passport.

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