The Minister of Crickley “roof” of the emergency import of cars from Russia

Министр Криклий «крышует» ввоз аварийных вагонов из России

In the professional environment of the railroad does not cease the discussion of issues related to the feasibility of import to Ukraine decommissioned freight cars from Russia. During one recent debate was made an important point: in order to prevent accidents on the railroad must stop the practice of extended operation decommissioned cars. But it is unprofitable Vladislav Crickley and his entourage, write “News”.

Recently was published a letter addressed to a kind of “Alfar” to JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya” to allow the importation of 1901 carriage of grain from Russia.

The letter was sent after the adoption of the CMU decree, which is 15 July 2020 generally prohibited the import of any cars from Russia regardless of their origin. Ie, OOO asks you to violate the law in pursuit of their business interests.

Two months earlier mentioned open companies declared on import to Ukraine of 539 decommissioned grain, i.e. only two transactions one of the company amounted to 2440 cars. All in all, Ukraine has few such companies that ply importation of old cars from the Russian Federation, and the expense of imported units is in the tens of thousands.

Earlier, the CMU’s decree No. 535 was banned from March 1, 2020, the import into the customs territory of Ukraine of used freight cars originating from Russia. Accusations of “Alfar” rejects say: the bought cars were not produced in Russia, and are of Ukrainian or Romanian origin.

The head of the infrastructure Committee of the Federation of employers of Ukraine and the founder of “First logistic company” Maksim Shkil sure: LLC “al” is the company-laying, working in the interests of some officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure (read – Vladislav Cricle). This is one of many companies that conduct procurement of “blind” in the interests of high-ranking officials with the share of private logistics and transportation companies through Postavnin entities.

Several media outlets even accused of “Alfar” that it bought the cars in ORDA or forged documents for the cars purchased in Russia in the interests of the environment Minister Cricle. In the publications described a criminal scheme, including registration of fictitious companies in Russia, forgery, etc.

IA “Ukrainian news” confirms involving corruption of officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure and UZ wagons from Russia and ORDO in the end, “legalizers” and work in Ukraine.

And there is a rationale: new freight car costs about $60 thousand, while Vladislav Crickley associates through front companies buy written off cars in Russia and ORDA for $1 thousand, but all documents such as the car is repaired, which gives a lot of opportunities for corruption and abuse.

The blogger Dmitri ivko recalls: over the past year increased the number of accidents on the railway caused by the emergency release of freight wagons on the railway network.

Commenting on one of the latest incidents in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the founder of the holding “Aurum group” Alena Lebedeva said: the reason was the destroyed car, which is 33 years (with normative term – 22 years). He was one of those 18 thousand units, decommissioned in Russia and imported to Ukraine in recent years.

“In 2019 from 76 accidents, the greatest number happened due to a faulty roller axle boxes (27), second place – malfunction of the brake system (24), the third – failure of the automatic coupler (12),” – says one of the sources.

The General feature of these faults is that EN masse they can occur only in one case – if the basis of the Park are the cars with exhausted (expired, extended) life.

IA “Ukrainian news” highlights: repairs of such wagons fictitious, but ULTRASOUND provides the acceptance at the car-repair enterprises after the completion of works in minimal amounts that do not correspond to the normative documents, thereby endangering safety on the railway of Ukraine.

Dmitri ivko sure that the reason lies precisely in the practice of extending the standard terms of use of freight cars with a shady past.

The head of the Federation of employers of Ukraine Dmitry Oliynyk said: the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers and criminal cases – alas – did not have the desired effect. And emergency cars imported from Russia, continue to provoke new trouble.

Under these circumstances, market experts see only one solution: to avoid accidents on the railroad must stop the practice of extending the service life end-of-life cars.

“Maybe it’s time for radical action?” Addresses SEO company “TAS-Logistik” Vladimir Ivaschenko to the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley during the discussion in Facebook.

Министр Криклий «крышует» ввоз аварийных вагонов из России

Министр Криклий «крышует» ввоз аварийных вагонов из России

Министр Криклий «крышует» ввоз аварийных вагонов из России