The Minister of foreign Affairs of Pakistan stated that India intends to attack his country

Глава МИД Пакистана заявил, что Индия намерена напасть на его страну

India intends to attack Pakistan, said on 7 April in Multan, the foreign Minister of Pakistan Mehmood Qureshi. It is reported by a division of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Pakistan.

Qureshi informed that his “reliable intelligence” indicate a possible attack from 16 to 20 April.

Foreign Minister of Pakistan said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan was allowed to make this information public.

About a possible threat from the neighbouring country Islamabad had informed the five permanent members of the United Nations, says Qureshi.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty said that the statement of the foreign Ministry followed in connection with the aggravation of relations between Pakistan and India after a series of violent incidents in February.

The escalation of the conflict happened shortly after the terrorist attacks in the Indian part of Kashmir, which occurred on February 14. 40 Indian soldiers were killed in a car bomb rammed a bus with the security forces. Responsibility for the attack claimed by the Pakistani Islamist group “Jaish-e-Muhammad”.

A border region of Kashmir is the subject of a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan. Since gaining independence from Britain in 1947, the country had a few wars.

26-27 February between India and Pakistan was a conflict with the use of aircraft in the region of Kashmir. Islamabad claimed that he managed to shoot down two Indian military aircraft violated the border and captured one of the pilots.

Then Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan suggested that new Delhi can reduce the degree of conflict and start a dialogue about the problem of terrorism. As a gesture of goodwill he ordered that the March 1 release of the captured pilot.