The Ministry of defence refused to transfer the city’s military unfinished (photo)

Министерство обороны отказалось передать городу военный долгострой (фото)

“Itself not DIN and to another do not give.” This position of the dog in the manger occupied the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, leaving hundreds of citizens without a roof over your head.

We are talking about long-term construction on Avenue 50-letiya Pobedy, 15, in which the Melitopol military are waiting for their apartments for 15 years. Two not handed over in operation of the entrance slowly destroyed. According to residents, the walls in the unfinished entrances will be away from the roof.

And the history goes back as far as 2004, when the structural unit of the National coordinating center for adaptation of military men transferred to the reserve or resignation, and conversion of former military facilities “Ukrconcert” the results of the tender concluded the agreement with open company “Metalresurs” on completion of the construction of a residential building in Melitopol for retired or resigned military personnel. The cost of the contract for the completion of the two entrances of the nine homes was 5.7 million UAH. then, on the basis of equity participation private firm listed completely. However, the house, as we know, has not been completed. But the investigation revealed that the company “Metalresurs”, while participating in the tender, did not even have a license for construction activities.

At the request of the Melitopol military, which hoped to obtain housing in this building, the mayor of the city Sergey Minko repeatedly sent letters to the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine with a request to transfer the unfinished property in the city.

– The city has expressed a willingness to invest the budget and region to complete the construction and issue of military apartments. Three times we were given the answer that the house is on balance of state enterprise and that they will finish it themselves. Everything depended on the city government, we did, but to dispose of property of the Ministry of Defence have no right, – said at the briefing Deputy mayor Ivan Fedorov.

Earlier we reported that the house in Melitopol claimed Odessa. OOO “UkrPolBat” appealed to the Economic court of Kyiv with a claim to the State enterprise “Ukrconcert” with the requirement to give her the site and documents for construction.

As you can see, nonresident applicants for a construction site in Melitopol much, only to finish it they are not in a hurry and the community of Melitopol to pass do not want.