The Ministry of environment should move to Krivoy Rog

A key issue in the program of the visit of President Vladimir Zelensky in his native city, became a key component for all industrial cities of Ukraine – the state of the environment. This thread dedicated workshop in Kryvyi Rih national University.

In a round table format was a business conversation, Vladimir Zelensky mayor Yuri Vilkul, the administration, scientists, representatives of ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih and large mining companies, environmental NGOs.

Referring to the manual AMKR Vladimir Zelensky said, “our office receives many video applications. We see what is really happening. What specific measures are you going to do?”.

Despite the report of the management AMKR, which tried to present an optimistic picture of the implementation of environmental activities, the President expressed strong dissatisfaction with the delays and asked specifically: “How much is a human life? Why people’s health should depend on your plans?”. The President is outraged that the timing of some programmes, leadership AMKR was postponed for 5 years. Moreover, as emphasized by experts, this occurred even without coordination with the leadership of the city and Kryvyi Rih.

Vladimir Zelensky asked the mayor Yuriy Vilkul to instruct physicians to prepare lists of people who got sick in Krivoy Rog oncological diseases in five years. And provide to AMKR has developed a program of payments from the company.

Also, knowing that neither the environment Minister nor his Deputy did not come in Kryvyi Rih, the President asked the mayor whether the city’s empty buildings, which will be able to move the Ministry of environment. The answer of the mayor was unequivocal “For this case of course we are!”.

The President said that he will Commission to study the issue of moving the Ministry in Krivoy Rog. “I think all Kryvyi Rih will thank you!” – supported the President Yury Vilkul.

The mayor Yuriy Vilkul, the workshop noted the importance of the fact that the first visit of Vladimir Zelensky President in his native city is connected with environmental problem solving.

“The most important question for the team of Kryvyi Rih! We’re working on it since 2011 and have achieved so much. But, of course, the city need legislative solutions at the Central level”, – said Yuriy Vilkul.