The Ministry of justice created a website for complaints to the state Registrar

В Минюсте создали сайт для жалоб на государственных регистраторов

The office of anti-raiding measures has created an online service for filing complaints against decisions, actions and omissions of the state registrars.

About it reports in Facebook Office.

Site address:

A complaint may be filed by any person who believes that his rights have been violated.

However, there are limitations. Complaints will not be considered if:

  • the appeal concerns decisions, actions or inaction of the state Registrar prior to January 1, 2016,
  • the complaint was filed by a person not having the authority,
  • expired complaint
  • there is a court decision or the ongoing trial in connection with a dispute between the same parties for the same subject and grounds,
  • if the Office is already considering a complaint or the decision of the Ministry of justice on the same issue.

“If your property or business have become the object of raider attacks by conducting illegal registration activities, immediately contact the Office of counter-raiding” – write in the Office.

Earlier it was reported about raiding the building in the historic center of the capital, on St. Sophia square (Rylsky lane, 6), which became possible due to the illegal actions of the Registrar of Anna Chuiko. The owner of the building company “Investor plus” it took a year to appeal the actions of the Registrar and to restore their rights.