The Ministry of justice until the end of June will launch a new Unified state register – Malyska

Минюст до конца июня запустит новый Единый госреестр - Малюська

At the end of June the Ministry of justice plans to launch a new Unified state register of legal entities, individuals-entrepreneurs and community groups.

This was announced by the Minister of justice Denis Malyuska, informs a press-service of the Ministry of justice.

“At the end of June we are planning to launch a new EGR with new services: quick, structured and more secure,” said Maluska.

He noted that now is the introduction of new software into the work registers.

In particular, the Minister stressed, as of today, all the registries in the Ministry of justice (and there are about 30) are in state ownership, administered state enterprise “NAIS” and have a strong degree of protection features that prevent hacking from hackers.