The Ministry will update the standards for the design of restaurants and cafes

Минрегион обновит нормы по проектированию ресторанов и кафе

Regional development update the state building code for the design of food plants, in particular, the new provisions propose to introduce the modern classification of these objects to replace the old Soviet.

This was reported in Facebook by the Deputy Minister of regional development, construction and housing and communal services the lion Partskhaladze.

According to him, Ukraine is very outdated classification of catering, which operates from the Soviet era.

The Deputy Minister stressed that this can lead to irregularities in the arrangement of buildings, carrying out communication and compliance with health requirements.

“The applicable standard GBN regarding the food contains only variations on them such as restaurants, bars, cafes, coffee shops, café-bars, cafés, bakeries, cafeterias, snack bars (dumplings, Varenichnaya, pizzerias, kotlety, creperies, etc.), bars, Nightclubs, beer halls, canteens, buffets and the like.

But it is not defined by such modern institutions as fast food, street food (street-food), food courts, lounge bars, Burger, pastry shops, pubs, sushi, detox, sports and smoky bars and others,” he said.

Also, existing rules do not address the question of possible changes / retraining of one kind of institution to another.

“We are now actively working on updating the norms shared team – with experts and specialists of construction, but also by restaurateurs and the public,” – said Partskhaladze.