The missing captain of the “Nord” showed up in Crimea, near Melitopol found human remains, robbed in Kyrylivka recreation

Исчезнувший капитан "Норда" объявился в Крыму, под Мелитополем найдены человеческие останки, в Кирилловке обокрали базу отдыха

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Stihiyu who traded in the wrong places, was punished by fines.

Citizens complain of poor nutrition in children’s hospital.

Doctors urge priests to send their parishioners to the vaccine against measles.

Disappeared in Melitopol captain “Nord” showed up in Crimea.

In RRG told which cases to investigate.

In an abandoned farm near Melitopol found human remains.

In Melitopol go home scammers that offer “miracle filters”.

Kirillovka robbed recreation.