The mission of Ukraine to the EU and the European Parliament have written letters to Balaju and Sushchenko and called on Russia to release all Ukrainian prisoners

Миссия Украины при Евросоюзе и депутаты Европарламента написали письма Балуху и Сущенко и призвали РФ освободить всех украинских политзаключенных

Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko and activist Vladimir Baloch celebrated birthdays on 8 February in a Russian prison, the mission of Ukraine to the EU.

The mission of Ukraine to the EU and the European Parliament have written letters to the Ukrainian political prisoners by the Roman Sushchenko and Vladimir Baluku, 8 Feb celebrated birthdays. This was reported by the press service of the mission on 8 February.

“Today the Ukrainian political prisoners Roman Sushchenko and Mr Baluch celebrate his birthday in the Kremlin prison. The representative of Ukraine to the EU Nikolay Tochitskii and MEPs mark Demesmaeker (Belgium), Eduard Kukan (Slovakia), Charles Tannock (UK), Michal Boni (Poland), Rebecca harms (Germany), Julie ward (UK) and Anna Fotyga (Poland) wrote letters of support to Roman and Vladimir and called on Russia to immediately release Ukrainian political prisoners”, – stated in the message.

The mission called on call on the international community to increase pressure on Russia and “save [Sushchenko and Baloha] from Russian captivity”.

A farmer from Razdolnensky district of the Crimea Vladimir Baluch was detained after the search in December 2016. As stated in the FSB, in the attic of his home found ammunition and TNT blocks. In August 2017 against Baluchi opened another criminal case – at the request of the head of Razdolnensky the temporary detention of Valery Tkachenko who claimed that the activist was beaten. According to information of protection of Ukrainian, Tkachenko he attacked Baluja, hit him and insulted.

Lawyers and human rights defenders claim that he was the victim of reprisals for his Pro-Ukrainian position – because of the Ukrainian flag, which was hung in his front yard.

In July 2018 in the aggregate two criminal cases of Baluja sentenced to five years in a General regime colony and a fine in the amount of 10 thousand rubles. (about 4 thousand UAH). 3 Oct so-called Supreme court in occupied to the Crimea reduced the prison sentence of Baluja for one month.

25 January 2019, “the court” in the Crimea refused to Balaju in parole.

The correspondent of “UKRINFORM” in France Sushchenko was arrested on 30 September 2016 in Moscow. The FSB called it personnel officer of Ukrainian military intelligence. Against the Ukrainian opened a criminal case under article “espionage”. The trial was held behind closed doors.

The prosecution asked to sentence the journalist to 14 years in prison. The last word Ukrainian said he did not plead guilty and asked the court to acquit the defendant.

4 Jun 2018 year a court in Moscow sentenced Sushchenko to 12 years in a strict regime colony.

In October it became known that the journalist was transferred to penal colony №11 in Kirov region of Russia.