The mode of “increased readiness” in Simferopol will last at least until June 7

Режим "повышенной готовности" в Симферополе продлится как минимум до 7 июня

The authorities of Simferopol said that Crimean city Day, the capital will celebrate under the regime of “high alert”. So will continue this regime for at least the next 2.5 weeks.

According to the press service of the Simferopol city Council, the restrictions for celebration of the city today, may 20, said the head of municipal Union Victor Ageev, the correspondent

“As with other landmark dates this year, the 236-th anniversary of the founding of the Crimean capital, we will celebrate under the regime of “high alert”. So the streets are crowded should not be. In addition, it will output a festive day, and we must strengthen the protection of public order in the city and the control over observance of measures of fire safety”, – said Ageev at the meeting of the antiterrorist Commission.

Recall, Simferopol was founded in 1784, is the birthday the town celebrates on the first Sunday of June. In 2020 holiday date falls on 7 June.

As reported mode “high alert” due to the threat of the spread of novel coronavirus infection in the area of Simferopol was introduced from 19 March until further notice.

Earlier, on March 17, in the Crimea, was introduced a state of “high alert” to all governments. According to him, in the cities and districts do not carry out any sports, entertainment, public and other mass events, it is recommended to minimize the number of business events.