The money Gazprom will spend to cover off-balance sheet activities, the Operator of the GTS

Деньги Газпрома потратят на покрытие небалансов, - Оператор ГТС

In may the debts on the gas market grew by 36% more than in the previous four months.

In may, the debt to “Operator GTS of Ukraine” for the negative unbalance increased to 1.4 billion UAH 379 million, or 36% more than the entire debt for the previous four months 2020, and all profits from the new transit agreement with Gazprom will be spent on their coverage. This is stated on the website OHTSU.

Most accumulated debts in may “Kirovogradgas” (6.9 million UAH), “Ternopilgaz” (5,7 million UAH), “Donetskoblgaz” (UAH 3.4 million), “Umangaz” (2,6 million UAH), “Ternopilgaz” (2.2 million).

In January-may accrued 769 million cubic meters of negative and 737 million cubic meters of natural gas a positive off-balance sheet activities totaling 3,389 billion and 3,696 billion, respectively. This underlines OHTSU, he regularly pays for positive unbalance, while the debts for the negative unbalance, which needs to pay for his gas companies and suppliers are not paid in full.

Thus, the level of payments for negative unbalance is only 33%, and total debt of 112 companies to OHTSU amounted to 1,445 billion.

It is reported that half of this debt is owed by the five regional gas companies: “Luganskgaz” (271 million UAH), “Ternopilgaz” (171 million UAH), “kievoblgaz” (93 million UAH), “Kirovogradgas” (82 million UAH) and “Donetskoblgaz” (UAH 55 million).

All the regional gas companies have accumulated a debt for negative unbalance before “Operator GTS” in the amount of 1,087 billion UAH, and gas suppliers – 358 million. These gas companies were the leaders in debt in the first quarter of 2020.

The report said that OGTS previously already sent the lawsuits to the “Luganskgaz”, “Donetskoblgaz”, “Ternopilgaz and Melitopolgaz”, and claims on other debtors the company is preparing to file soon.

Also OHTSU filed a complaint against debtors in the national Commission, which is preparing unscheduled inspections of the activities of “Kievgas”, “Kirovogradgaz”, “Ternopilgaz”, “Luganskgaz” and “Donetskoblgaz”.

“The operator GTS” warns that the situation where debtors with each month continues the selection of significant amounts of gas, not paying for it, creates risks of gas supply and stable operation.

This situation is alarming because each month the debtors continue to systematically select significant volumes of gas on the GTS, but not to pay for it, thereby creating the risk of gas supply for consumers and stable work OHTSU.

“The operator GTS” reminds that the problem of non-payment for the unbalance driven into debt by 44 billion the previous operator “Ukrtransgaz”, that put an end to the programs of repairs and capital construction.

A similar perspective can expect the “Operator GTS” – until the end of 2020 bad debts could rise to 10 billion, all profits from a new transit agreement with Gazprom will be spent on the purchase of gas to cover unpaid selections of regional gas companies, and the state will not be able to receive dividends from the LLC “Operator GTS of Ukraine”.