The money is there – no cars

Деньги есть - машин нет

Soon selling a car for cash may be limited. Such an offer was made to the Central Bank from the Association “Russian automobile dealers” (ROAD)

Today in the market there was such situation when you pay for a car simpler, “cash”, than to transfer money from account to account. The fact that the use of the terminal banks charge a fee (acquiring). Some dealers include this premium in the price of the car, not to reduce the margin of every sold car. Of course, the customer is more profitable in such situation to pay cash, however, according to representatives of the ROAD, too many transactions “for cash” contributes to the illegal turnover of cash.

As a result, a proposal was made on the limitation of cash payments in the sale of cars by individuals, by analogy with the calculations between legal entities (amount should not be more than 100 thousand rubles). However, the customers are the supporters of such initiatives have not forgotten, indicating that the project implementation is only possible by reducing the fee for acquiring Bank card with 1.5-2% to 0.2-0.3%.