The moon can be a place of life of the aliens from Nibiru.

Planet X is hidden behind a skin of a moonlight and can threaten humans.

Луна может оказаться местом жизни пришельцев с Нибиру - соцсети

The appearance of Nibiru in 2018 was the most common hypothesis of the scientists. The researchers searched for facts and hints on the appearance of Planet X in the activation of volcanoes, the appearance of the signs in the sky, and even tsunamis. However, the assumptions are not destined to become real, and now a new round of space exploration brought about changes in the study of Earth’s satellite. There is a hypothesis that the Moon is the abode of “strangers” from Nibiru. Talking about space station on Earth satellite. The occasion was the publication in Twitter. From now on, humans in social networks discuss that the Moon may be the place of the aliens from Nibiru.

“The moon is a space station “outsiders”: the Satellite of our planet the Moon is a spaceship “Nibiru” class “intergalactic colonizer” – the author writes.

The idea was also expressed earlier by scientists from the United States. In their opinion, the moon is a generator that creates the illusion affects humanity. Humanoids could really use a celestial body for a UFO landing, study people, wrote the researchers. Could the Moon become the abode of aliens argue and ufologists. According to them, the reptilians have settled not only of Nibiru, the moon, Mars and Jupiter, they are seen on the Ground.

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