The mosquito fleet: how to change the situation on the Azov sea after the emergence of the Navy 16 American boats Mark VI

Москитный флот: как изменится ситуация на Азовском море после появления у ВМС 16 американских катеров Mark VI

After the U.S. state Department approved the sale of Ukraine of 16 boats Mark VI, it’s safe to say that Ukraine continues its movement in the conventional South Korea on the Eastern flank of NATO in Europe. Korea, which is not in the Alliance, but she supplied fighting ships of the patriots and the THAAD system. The movement, started by Poroshenko with the supply of lethal weapons to deter Russian aggression in the East, not slowed down under the new administration.

And although in Ukraine the missile defense elements or a Western anti-missile systems, mentioned so far only in vision development, here we have the biggest option of lethal weapons approved for sale as in money, and needs in the entire history of Ukraine’s independence. $ 600 million and court in full stuffing, including spare guns, night vision devices, radars, spare parts and training of crew, writes Cyril Danilchenko in “Petr and Mazepa”.

“Mark VI” – a 25-metre multi-purpose aluminum boat that can operate in the coastal strip, river mouths and in shallow water, but with the range and seakeeping sufficient to cover the entire black sea and Azov region. 600 miles without refueling, 35 knots speed. Armament – 4 mounts under 25-30 mm gun with thermal imaging cameras, able to fire at 4 different targets with a remote control from the cockpit, point guns and 40 mm grenade launchers.

Manufacturer – the company “SAFE Boats International”, Bremerton, Washington, whose motto is “God, country and fast boats.” She passed us court under the uasbgs “Watch” – don’t know about God, but maneuverable “Mark VI” unnecessary for Ukraine obviously will not.

4 “Mark VI” will be delivered for the money of the taxpayers of the United States, 10 paid by the Ukrainian side, 2 negotiations – possible additional purchase and transfer of defence cooperation.

And Yes, we can’t build the same in Nikolaev or “the Smithy on the Rybalsky” how to write go – aluminum housing not produced in continental Ukraine and production in the Crimea is lost. Part of the option on the French boats for Marine protection will be localized on the capacities of “NIBULON” – one of the most successful private companies in the field of shipbuilding. 5 boats for a few years with pilot training and the achievement of operational readiness.

City trade and invest in the machinery for the military to get the two dozen boats that will be years to bring up to standard and get rid of childhood diseases like “Centaurs” economically will come to return ever, not the amounts to invest. The engines we manufacture, electronics and weapons too, to put Soviet weapons without stabilization with storage and cut housing activity in terms of the economy strange, can get so that after ten years of torment, the idea will remain in the red. A good welder or Turner will not wait for MO to master state guarantees, and do two boats a year, as usually we do, he will be at pedal to Poland and Germany.

Boats armed with 30-mm guns, but in the United States are actively testing the AGM-176 “Griffin” With – easy high-precision missiles with a range from 7 to 12 miles in different versions. Not much reason, that we sold hundreds to the launch of “Dart”, but not shipped these products after completion of the tests. But even if it will not happen soon, the story about missile boats and corvettes are badly needed for Ukraine, it is pure psychology. For long-range PCR can be delivered from an airplane, helicopter, ground complex. Corny by the Norwegians, as did the poles, or to give a request of the United States, as did the Indians. What tasks Ukrainian Navy hundreds of miles from the coast, which will require ships shock? Escort of cargo ships with wheat and ore in the open sea? Sink the black sea fleet in the “battle for the flour” in the Dardanelles, even ashamed to write, but you have, once under each news on the supply boats jump to go with corvettes.

Actually, it’s right there in the vision of development of the Ukrainian Navy for 10 years – “a Sufficient number of well-armed, maneuverable boats and ships will be provided through the construction of coast guard vessels and procurement of such samples from our partners”. Stage one – control of the territorial waters of the country in the band up to 40 miles. A network of radars that will monitor surface and air environment, feeding information to the operational center in Sochi or Odessa. Troops of the coastal defense artillery and aviation. And in conjunction with them boats of “river-sea”, anti-sabotage boats, ships, able to land a boarding team on the deck or work out in the wheelhouse of the ship of the enemy.

Of course, you can build or buy for half a billion dead presidents 2-3 corvettes. But what are you going to do with them on hundreds of miles of coastline? Especially bearing in mind that in Crimea there are RCC – brigade “Ball”, not like us after three years to be put, and already on duty. And media high-precision weapons in the Navy – and submarines, and “Widow” and patrol ships. And all possible base naval forces of Ukraine from Odessa to Berdyansk – in range aviation, and we have no archipelago and scattered Islands, where to hide, no inhibitions ABOUT. To bet in these conditions for 3-4 large ship with shock weapons is a diagnosis.

Despite the fact that on the Azov sea we don’t need them, can’t operate because of depths that can’t be delivered there by land. Especially that much to build no boats are delivered according to the program of the Pentagon, and the portion of the option, for which Ukraine pays, will be calculated by parts. So if you see under the news about the sale of people with stories about corvettes project 28250 and jobs is a crazy city, a broken and detached from the realities of naval forces of Ukraine more than full.

Strategy network remote from each other bases – Practical Harbor of Odessa, Nikolayev, Ochakov, Berdyansk and boat Parking in the sea of Azov – sold for several years. And when the US military build us in Ochakovo capacity for repair, they build them for boats. Because countries with a GDP of $ 150 billion does not happen missile corvettes and frigates. Because we need a little hard to hit with precision weapons and aircraft the court is able to take supply from minimally equipped beach. Because Ukraine needs a multi-purpose platform – today landing 8 people group from the marine center, tomorrow the hunt for the saboteurs and combat swimmers, and the next day the opposition to the landing.

Moreover, the “Mark VI” in the aft are viewing an inflatable boat. From this platform, is to launch UAVs or unmanned anti-mine vehicles. This year our sailors to work on such ships of the Alliance. Targeting aviation and coastal defense, mine warfare, including setting min. (enough of the vile dangerous thing that can bring down a much larger ship), patrolling, amphibious operations – Pinocchio, how are you going to do it at the same time several large pieces?

Boats, reconnaissance ship, naval aviation, RCC “Neptune”, a few minesweepers – God grant that in the next 10 years, we coped with this volume of tasks. Restore the control a 40-mile area, think about a 200-mile. Here is still to cope boats, packages, “Alder”, helicopters with “Barrier-In” in the future, “Neptune”, who recently worked at a target with a warhead. Successfully worked – be it Marines the enemy would burn tons of fuel oil and ammunition instead of the funny stories “Dian Mikhailov” with the hand center of AST in the ass, why Ukraine cannot produce RCC.

The US is implementing on the territory of the former USSR strategy of creating a cordon Sanitaire against the Kremlin regime, supporting the democratic government. Hundreds of anti-tank systems of the third generation set by Ukraine and Georgia, the ability to quickly obtain additional units from the Baltic States, if the need arises, radar, warships, communications and operations centres under the key. The ability to get 16 modern boats is invaluable for us, we are preparing the infrastructure and the sight of the fleet development for these purchases. This is another step in the strategy which was chosen several years ago and continues to be implemented. It is a timely move, looking at the movements of the Russian Federation on the sea.

Москитный флот: как изменится ситуация на Азовском море после появления у ВМС 16 американских катеров Mark VI

Москитный флот: как изменится ситуация на Азовском море после появления у ВМС 16 американских катеров Mark VI

Москитный флот: как изменится ситуация на Азовском море после появления у ВМС 16 американских катеров Mark VI

Москитный флот: как изменится ситуация на Азовском море после появления у ВМС 16 американских катеров Mark VI

Москитный флот: как изменится ситуация на Азовском море после появления у ВМС 16 американских катеров Mark VI

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