The most beautiful is the score, the guys stood, – Khatskevich about the victory of “Dynamo”

Самое прекрасное – это счет на табло, ребята выдержали, – Хацкевич о победе "Динамо"

Head coach of “Dynamo” Alexander Khatskevich has shared their feelings and appreciated the performance of his players after winning the match for the Ukrainian super Cup against Shakhtar Donetsk.

Recall that in this match “Dynamo” has won strong-willed victory over Shakhtar 2:1. Two goals Dynamo scored with a difference of three minutes.

– The beginning of the first half and the first minute of the second was for “Shakhtar”. We did not acquire. But in this game we had not planned to control the ball, because at the moment, our functional status does not allow to do that. The Pitmen have skilful fast players tried to organize the transitions from defence to attack, and the first time we organized ourselves for the opponent when Mikolenko gave inaccurate lateral transfer, but reliably played smartly. We also tried to answer before the break and his attacks.

As for the second half, the most beautiful is the score. The guys stood. Before the game we told them that if we are the current holders of the trophy, you have no right to give it. Perhaps, after the break had to show character, moral standing, and there is work to do.

But we have the potential to reinforce the attack – recover Tsygankov and Salt. But she, unfortunately, there are certain problems with health. Must say that we risked releasing to the game today Kadar and Verbicha that had damage. But after the game, we need to gain functional fitness and reach an understanding on the field. The risk was justified – as for me, Verbic in the first half was one of the best, not only playing on the attack, but the defense helped.

– Yes, Shakhtar had more possession and had good attack and defence, conducted a rapid combination, but they did not wasted their chances, and we used his. While it would be desirable to pay attention to the episode with the foul on Garmash in the Pitmen’s penalty area when the referee’s whistle remained silent. It is clear that while we have no VAR, but the referee needs to make the right decisions.

– In terms of ball control and transition from defence to attack would like to have more confidence in their performance. When Shepelev fell down, actually to the position of the third Central defender, we already started to control the ball. In the first half Garmash at certain points were incorrectly located, but during the break he suggested, and he corrected himself. And in the end a great burst into the box and scored the winning goal.