The most built-up places in the suburbs of the capital

Самые застроенные места в пригороде столицы

Among the districts of the Kiev region according to the number of residential buildings is the leader of the Kiev-Svyatoshinskiy district.

There, in particular in Petropavlivska and Sofiivska borshchagivka, has commissioned 42% of the housing units of the total number in the region. This is because the direction close to the capital’s infrastructure, and most of the inhabitants work in the capital, said the head of the Department of valuation and Advisory NAI Ukraine Irina Trunova during a press Breakfast NAI Ukraine “market of residential and hotel properties in 2018,” reports the Newspaper.

According to her, in the suburbs of Kiev the most active for development settlements are Irpin, Brovary, Boryspil, Bucha and. The high cost of housing in the village of Hatne, Vyshneve city, Petropavlivska and Sofiivska borshchagivka, and in the other direction in Brovary and Vyshgorod.