The most crushing defeat Dynamo in the European cups: video

Самые разгромные поражения "Динамо" в еврокубках: видео

Kiev “Dynamo” suffered a painful defeat in the 1/8 finals of the Europa League by Chelsea. “White-blue” in his field lost 5:0, and the sum of the two matches – 8:0.

Before in its history Kiev only twice lost 5:0, but away. In 1992, the Ukrainian players were beaten Benfica in Lisbon, in 2002 and in Turin with the same score lost to Juventus.

Benfica – Dinamo 5:0 (1992, Lisbon, UEFA Champions League, group B)

In 1992, Kiev unexpectedly suffered devastating defeat in Lisbon. After this match there were a lot of rumors that the game was arranged.

Juventus – Dynamo 5:0 (2002, Turin, UEFA Champions League, group E)

In 2002, the powerful Juventus with Del Piero, Davids Nevedom and walked a skating rink on the Ukrainian club.

Defeat from “Chelsea” became the largest in the history of “Dynamo” in his field.

Twice the people of Kiev in its history, losing by four goals. In 2006, real Madrid defeated at home “Dynamo” 5:1 in the second round of Champions League group E. In 2007, the “white-blue” were beaten at old Trafford “Manchester United”. The red devils four times scored in the gate of Ukrainians.

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