The most expensive for the person, or On values that will never change – 24 Channel

Самое дорогое для человека, или О ценностях, которые никогда не изменятся - 24 Канал

On the weekend helped the mother-in-law and father-in-law to collect the potatoes.

I certainly understand that the road there is worth more than the entire crop. And what easier to buy the whole field than to stand in the dark, planted in a car and drive in 120 km from Kiev, then to evening to collect the potatoes, put into bags, and then put these bags into the pile and separate the bad fruit that’s good.

All this is very important. It is important that we again were all together, whole family, soul to soul. Together and make some common cause.

Our Olive 4 years. The most valuable thing she has is Lena, her mom and dad. Her main life incentive to do anything together as a family. To play, watch cartoons, eat Breakfast, collect anything from the designer. And I certainly understand that it will take 10 years – and everything will change. And the field, and potatoes, and our parents and our daughter. The world is changing, and will evolve with greater speed – it is possible to become more violent, perhaps more tolerant. All of reality around us will become different, filled all around with new meanings. But will the family. Your. The most precious thing a man can have.

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