The most harmful myths about HIV

Самые вредные мифы о ВИЧ

Once, this disease was called the plague of the twentieth century, but now in the court of XXI century, and stigmatization of HIV-infected patients should be discontinued. Especially when you consider that the number of Russians with HIV is approaching 1% of the total population.

Touching and hugging with HIV-positive patients is absolutely not dangerous and not even theoretically could lead to HIV infection. In particular, you can kiss the person who has the virus.

You should not believe that HIV is transmitted through sweat, tears, urine or faeces – this is not true. All the ways of HIV transmission are well known to science, they have long been described in the scientific and popular literature.

You will not be able to get it if you are near HIV-infected people in the same room as the virus is not airborne. It is impossible to catch them in the water, so swimming pools are also completely safe, of course, if people with HIV do not receive any injury leading to hemorrhage.

Many people think that a mosquito bite can infect a person with HIV, but the science of such cases is unknown. And all because when a mosquito bites you, it does not introduce foreign blood into your system and takes your blood to your body.

Oral sex can lead to HIV infection only if the genitals HIV-infected have any cuts and sores.