The most important proportions: experts have warned of the danger of ginger

Самое главное пропорции: специалисты предупредили об опасности имбиря

The period of quarantine, which means that the Ukrainians will be more likely to brew this medicinal root. But it is important to observe certain proportions. Otherwise you can cause harm. This information was published on the website

Many Ukrainians know that ginger possesses natural healing properties and can improve digestion and strengthen the immune system.

However, you should be careful when dosing: the daily rate is from 2 to 4 grams, inform professionals. Medicinal plant can help in many diseases, but like other products, it should be consumed in moderation, they said.

In excess of the norm may experience the following side effects

Problems with the stomach. Due to excessive amounts of ginger may cause heartburn. Ginger tea after meals can reduce bloating and stimulate digestion but also stimulates the digestive system to produce a greater volume of gastric acid. People suffering from heartburn are advised to drink only a few SIPS of the drink with ginger.

The blood thinners. People preparing for surgery or have undergone it, then you should refrain from using ginger. This can lead to dangerous consequences associated with operations – a medicinal herb has blood-thinning effect.

In addition, ginger can enhance menstrual cramps. Women are recommended to delete ginger from your diet during pregnancy.

Also “the Wall” reported that scientists from China found out that eating the fruit of the Arhat stimulates the stem cells. This in turn allows you to slow the aging process in the body.

Самое главное пропорции: специалисты предупредили об опасности имбиря