The most popular crossovers in Russia

Самые востребованные кроссоверы в России

Despite the fact that the January car market in Russia significantly slowed down, the crossovers still not lose its relevance. However, to get the top three models has not succeeded yet: on top of registered cars In the segment. What “SUV” to keep the bar of popularity, and which actively started to lose her?

The largest of millet in our country continues to use Hyundai Creta. In General, the automotive hit parade model ranks fourth. In the first month of the year the car was sold 4187 copies, raising sales by 9.2% in comparison with indicators of year prescription. Apparently, the combination of price and quality, as well as a good selection of complete sets and modifications continue to attract buyers.

Car is equipped with a 121-horsepower engine capacity of 1.6 liters and in addition in the Arsenal of “Korean” and there is the engine capacity of 123 HP of the same volume. Both engines work with a six-speed “mechanics” and dedicated six automatic gearbox. Also under the hood you can find two-liter engine with recoil in 149,6 HP, packaged exclusively with a “machine”. Drive a choice of front or full. The price tag starts from 947 000.

KIA Sportage with 2761 sold the car rose to second place, but losses at 10%. And three leaders closes the Renault Duster, which came to taste 2338 Russians (down 6.9%).

On the fourth and fifth lines prescribed LADA 4×4 (2048 auto?1%) and Volkswagen Tiguan (1716 machines?0,3%), respectively. The remaining paragraphs of the hit parade of crossovers is as follows: Nissan X-Trail (1588 cars), Nissan Qashqai (1571 units), Hyundai Tucson (1566 copies), Renault Kaptur (1554 car) and Toyota RAV4 (1468 pieces).

It is worth noting that one of the main players dropped out of the top ten are: Mitsubishi Outlander, the best-seller brand, chose in January 1126 buyers.

Самые востребованные кроссоверы в России