The most severe named “the nanny state” in the European Union

Названы самые суровые "государства-няньки" в Евросоюзе

Finland, Lithuania and Estonia headed the so-called stars out of the States nannies (Nanny State Index), which is the EPICENTER, an independent network of 9 European research centres.

Every 2 years it estimates, in some European countries, the most severe laws against Smoking (including electronic cigarettes), alcohol and junk food. Nanny State (nanny state) – term for a state that seeks to control the health of citizens by regulating the consumption of hazardous substances.

Hard such legislation is recognized in 7 EU countries in addition to Finland, Lithuania and Estonia, UK, Hungary, Ireland and Latvia, writes evropul’s.

Compared to the 2017 Estonia has risen by 15 places (from 19th to 2nd) is the most noticeable change in ranking. This was mainly due to the increase of excise duties: the excise tax on wine has increased during this time by 50% and beer 2 times.

Less legal restrictions bad habits was in Germany, followed by the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.

In all the countries of the European Union introduced legislative restrictions hazardous to health products. For example, in Portugal in 2017, there is an additional tax on soda with high sugar content, in France a ban on Smoking in public places applies to electronic cigarettes. According to the rating of anti-Smoking legislation in the European Union, which every three years is the European Association of leagues against cancer, the new measures in the fight against tobacco during this period appeared throughout Europe.