The most stolen cars in Russia

Самые угоняемые автомобили в России

Experts have called the most stolen cars in Russia.

In total for last year in Russia it has been stolen 26819 cars. These figures is 21% below the number of stolen vehicles that took place last year.

The most stolen car in Russia is currently the Hyundai Solaris. Over the past year, Russian motorists have lost 1249 vehicles of this model.

Second place in the number of stolen cars is the Kia Rio. In total last year in Russia were registered 969 of stealings of cars of this model.

On the third place in ranking of most stolen cars is the VAZ-2107. Last year 730 vehicle owners of this model have lost their cars.

The highest number of car thefts in the past year was recorded in the Central Federal district. In regions of this district were hijacked 9777 vehicles.