The most useful types of alcohol: you can drink at least daily

Самые полезные виды алкоголя: можно пить хоть ежедневно

Alcohol in moderate doses is better than one hundred percent sobriety. And if the harm that alcoholic beverages are not written one thesis, the benefits of alcohol have not been studied end.

Now scientists can draw certain conclusions. And many people say to drink little and often is better than not to drink at all or once a week to unconsciousness. And the list is not limited to, dry red wine, which for many years was considered the only acceptable alcohol.

What good can carry alcohol? It is proven that moderate drinking reduces the risk of age-related dementia, in other words – senile dementia. In addition, alcohol involves socialization, reducing the risk of depression due to loneliness.

A number of studies shows that people who do not drink alcohol, live on less than those who from time to time drink. One British study showed that complete rejection of alcohol increases the risk of premature death. To such conclusion scientists came after the observation of almost 2 thousand patients at the age from 55 years to over 20 years.

During this time, from the group of nondrinkers died, 69%, and those who drank moderately only 41%. With regard to moderate doses, then we are talking about 1-2 servings of alcohol for women and 2-4 for men.

The fact that alcohol in small doses may reduce stress, normalize blood pressure, improve the immune system.

The main thing is to distribute the alcohol evenly: 1-2 servings per day, and not a serious meal on Fridays.

Red wine

About the benefits of dry red written many articles, but the researchers came to another startling conclusion. So, it is seen that wine lovers in markets more likely to buy olives, fruits, vegetables. But those who prefer beer, take him chips, smoked salt, and so on.

But back to the miracle substance resveratrol. This antioxidant found in wine, puts it in the first place all ratings of useful alcohol.

Dark beer

Researchers have devoted much time to the study of Irish Guinness beer (the other varieties of dark beer is not so studied). In one of the articles about the benefits of beer says that the regular consumption of the beverage (in moderation) reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, in particular the appearance of blood clots.

Bloody Mary

This cocktail, again in moderation, is useful with tomatoes and celery. These vegetables contain a number of valuable substances: lycopene (good for prostate), catechins (protects skin cells), zeaxanthin (protects the eyes), vitamin a and many antioxidants that delay aging and strengthen the immune system.


This Spanish drink made from red wine (sometimes sparkling) with the addition of fresh fruit, sugar and a small amount of strong alcohol – liqueur, brandy or rum.

Thanks to wine and fruit in the drink contains a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. Some researchers say that sangria is a red wine in the square.