The mother: blood pressure medicine may hide cancer-causing toxins

Росздравнадзор: в лекарствах от давления могут скрываться вызывающие рак токсины

According to experts, in the blood pressure medicine such as the “Valz”, “Diovan”, “Northian”, “Micardis”, can contain toxins that can destroy the cell structure and cause cell mutation.

Media reported that the Ministry sent the Russian and foreign manufacturers of medicines of the letter with the requirement to verify the pills from high blood pressure for the presence of toxic components. Federal service suspects on the shelves of Russian pharmacies can be sold, “Valz”, “Northian”, “Diovan”, “Micardis”, “Chandisar”, containing in its composition a substance from the group of sartans – valsartan.

In 2018, Roszdravnadzor already withdrew from circulation more than eight million packs of medicines on the basis of valsartan. This substance is including in China. In 2018, it became known that valsartan made in China, purchased by the manufacturers of heart drugs worldwide is carcinogenic. Toxicity valsartan then stated by the manufacturer.

Toxic substances (nitrosamines) hit him after the reinstallation of the equipment in the plant.

After that, across countries, a wave of feedback from pharmacies preparations containing valsartan. But today on pharmacy shelves can be drugs with toxic impurities, according to the Roszdravnadzor. The office believed that the possible toxicity it is necessary to check not only the drugs for hypertension on the basis of valsartan, but all drugs from pressure where the use of the Sartan. It noted that the toxic substances which are able to penetrate into these drugs can with prolonged use can destroy the cell structure and cause cell mutation leading to cancer. These components are particularly hard hit by the liver.

According to Medicforma, at the end of 2018, it became known that Russian pharmacies can be about eight million pressure pills based on made in China the drug substance valsartan.