The mother experiences excruciating pain and fears for father details the tragic death of 3-year-old Musa Suleymanov

Мать переживает невыносимую боль и боится за отца: детали трагической гибели 3-летнего Мусы Сулейманова

In the village of Stroganovka of Simferopol district of the Crimea two days looking for the missing three year old son of political prisoner Ruslan Suleymanov Musa, the third boy was found dead in a drain pit near his home. Version under the control of the police, the child drowned, the autopsy signs of violent death was not.

But some Crimean Tatars do not believe that he could drown, because a manhole cover was pressed against a huge rock that just does not budge. According to them, the boy was able to kill because of the pressure on the father – occupiers accused him of “terrorism” and belonging to the Islamic party Hizb ut-Tahrir.

How was the funeral of Musa Suleymanov and as a family going through a tragedy, found out OBOZREVATEL.

Musa searched the homes and woods

Lawyer Lilia Gemedzhi told OBOZREVATEL that the boy disappearance caused a great resonance, therefore, in search of were not only Crimean Tatars, but also people of other nationalities.

According to her, it clearly showed that the label “terrorist”, which hung on the father of the child, in no way played. All who follow processes and are interested in what is happening, knows that the terrorists among the Crimean Tatars never had. “People imbued with someone else’s misfortune and consolidate among themselves to help in the search for the boy,” said the lawyer.

In comments OBOZREVATEL marketer from the Crimea Shevket Semelai said that also helped with the search, they searched the area within a radius of 15 kilometers. “Working out the forest and the village. Went into every house and inspected the basement. Three times looked, but never found him. At first everyone thought that the child was gone, then that he was taken from nearby houses, and then – that he was kidnapped and taken away somewhere. And as it turned out, all this time he was with us,” he said.

According to the lawyer, the funeral was attended by about 5 thousand people, and my own father was not allowed to say good-bye.

“I sent the petition to the reception of the FSB of Russia, so they were given the opportunity to Ruslan Suleymanov to say goodbye to their child. Personally traveled to Sevastopol, the FSB, and tried using the guide and the investigator, who leads the case of my client, to seek permission. But because of the large number of people who came to the funeral procession, I refused,” she said.

Contradictory versions of state of emergency

According to the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov, the boy’s death raises many questions. Agreed with him and the Deputy General Director of Crimean Tatar TV channel ATR the muzhdabaev.

As they say, the child could not move the cover of the sewer, which is also covered in rocks, it was done to put pressure on Ruslan Suleymanov, whom the occupation authorities accused of “terrorism”.

However Semelai said that murder Musi written by those who were not on the spot of the tragedy. The option that it was not on the spot, and then planted here, it does not support. “This is, basically, nonsense. Forensic examination showed that he had been asphyxia from drowning,” said a Crimean Tatar.

He also stressed that hatch from the sump wasn’t open, then there is a wooden cover with the inner side was wet and overgrown with moss. “The lid was always closed, and, according to relatives, it was always a big stone in 20 kg. of Course, the child to tilt could not. Perhaps at the time it was opened,” suggested Semelai.

Gemedzhi also supported his opinion. “Can’t deny other versions, all of them need to check, but am inclined to think that it was an accident. We examined pictures of journalists who were visiting family and on the hatch was always a big rakosnik. Whether he is there or not – it is very difficult to say. There are versions that under the weight of the cover baby just went to the bottom, and the lid accidentally slammed” she said.

With children psychologists

The lawyer said that after the tragedy with his family psychologists. “The mother of the child tries to hold on to. It is clear that the loss had caused her unbearable pain. Besides, she is very worried, how to react to the father, who is now in remand prison,” said Gemedzhi.

According to her, also deceased Musa in the family were three more children – two boys 14 and 10 years) and a five year old girl.

“Sister, most likely, not aware of the loss of her brother. Preteen, in my opinion, while denying him a psychologist. But it is closed and it’s necessary to work. Senior understand what is happening, but keeps” – shared Gemedzhi.

The lawyer also added that they live in the same house with the parents of Ruslan Suleymanov, his mother is very ill due to heart disease.

“The boy’s mother was at elzar’s forced to care for parents and their young children. They sometimes help the volunteers, both financially and with the housework. Recall that together with Ruslan was arrested and his brother Eskender, who lived with them,” she said.

Мать переживает невыносимую боль и боится за отца: детали трагической гибели 3-летнего Мусы Сулейманова

Мать переживает невыносимую боль и боится за отца: детали трагической гибели 3-летнего Мусы Сулейманова