The “movement” has offered financial assistance to Karpaty at risk of exclusion from the Premier League

"Рух" предложил финансовую помощь "Карпатам", которым грозит исключение из УПЛ

"Рух" предложил финансовую помощь "Карпатам", которым грозит исключение из УПЛ

“Movement” suggested Karpaty financial assistance. Club President Gregory Kozlowski is willing to cover the cost of all away matches “lions” until the end of the season.

Kozlovsky a statement published on the official website of the “movement”.

“We, the football club “movement”, firmly believe that in difficult times every Ukrainian should be ready to lean on one’s neighbor. The Galicians are not left in the lurch brother who needs help. “Carpathians”, a club with a rich tradition simply has no right to an inglorious end my existence.

The President of the “movement” Gregory Kozlovsky, as an ardent fan of the Lviv football, a man who reveres football and Ukrainian traditions, ready once again to lend a helping hand to the green-whites. Gregory Kozlowski is willing to cover all costs of FC Karpaty in away matches left to play this season.

If the leadership of the “lions” are ready to accept financial assistance, please contact our club and provide Bank details. “Karpaty” live!”, – said in a statement.

What happens in the “Carpathians”

29 Jun Karpaty officially announced that he would not go to the match of the Premier League with the “Mariupol” for lack of funds.

“Karpaty” declare that do not have their own resources and reserves to continue functioning.

According to the club, one of the owners of the club refused to Finance the team. Owners of club are two foreign companies – “Mendel limited”, which has recently belongs to Smalyukh, and” Krisal holdings”, which according to the documents belongs to Katia Parpi.

The media called the actual owner of 50% of the “lions” of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Smalyukh allegedly failed to make contact with the other side.

The lions announced that debts to the team. At the same time, the new owner Oleg Smalyuk ready to Finance the club by 50%.

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