The MP called for an end to speculate on the famine

Народный депутат призвал прекратить спекулировать на голодоморе

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine from party “servant of the people” Maxim Buzhansky urged Ukrainian politicians to stop speculating on the Holodomor and try not to make “false sorrow grotesque”. About this he wrote in his Telegram channel.

The MP is outraged speculation politicians around the number of inhabitants of Soviet Ukraine who died of starvation in the 1930-ies. “They came up with a new trick, vile and despicable, as all of them. Some came up, others happily picked up. To add to the lost unborn. No one knows how to count them, but is the only benefit, you can pile up any numbers,” wrote Buzhansky.

He suggested the same method to calculate the number of victims among Ukrainian citizens since 1992. “If you count the unborn, we lost (over the years of independence) at least forty million. No war, no famine, no disasters forty million people. Live with it”, – concluded the Deputy.

We will remind, on November 23, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the Ukrainians will not be able neither to forget nor forgive the famine. “We honor the memory of Holodomor victims, the crime of genocide, committed by the totalitarian Stalinist regime against the Ukrainian people”, – said the head of state.