The MP Fedorov explained why the sequel to “Shugaley” important for the whole of Russia

Депутат Федоров объяснил, почему сиквел «Шугалея» важен для всей России

In the fall of 2020 will premiere the second part of the documentary Thriller “Shugaley”, telling about the fate of the kidnapped in Libya Russian sociologists Maxim Shugaley and Camera Safana. According to the Deputy of the state Duma Yevgeny Fyodorov, the film is important for the whole country from the point of view of attracting attention to the problem of illegal deduction of Russians in custody abroad.

Fedorov stressed that the second part of the movie, filmed on real events, will help the kidnapped specialists soon to return home. The parliamentarian said that Russia needs to develop mechanisms of assistance to Russians who are in a similar situation. The MP said that the history of Shugaley and Safana demonstrates the need for changes in public policy. After them, according to the politician, incidents of abduction of Russians abroad will never happen again. Fedorov is sure that the update of the Constitution will also help the authorities respond to this situation more firmly and decisively. For the protection of Russians caught in illegal captivity abroad, you can use a variety of tools, including sanctions and the power scenario.

Separately, the MP pointed out the importance of popular support changes in the external policy of the Russian Federation after the upgrade of the basic law. As said Fedorov, thanks to such films as “Shugaley”, forming the right public opinion from the point of view of protection of national interests and interests of Russian citizens abroad. According to the Deputy, a wide discussion of the situation with the illegal capture of Russian sociologists transforms society, pointing to outdated provisions. Citizens understand that the time has come to eliminate his state’s shortcomings, established nearly 30 years ago.

The first part of the film “Shugaley” attracted to the problem of abductees in Libya, the Russians the attention of the world audience. Thanks to the film people have learned the difficulties and challenges we have to cope sociologists in the illegal detention. Experts went to Libya on a business trip legally, but was captured by militants of the so-called national consensus Government (NTC) and thrown into a private prison “Mitiga”. The picture clearly showed the world that “the government” Pieza Zarraga not working for the benefit of the North African Republic.

As previously reported by the media, the prisoners “Mitiga” systematically subjected to torture and psychological pressure. The international community and international human rights organizations while silent, not reacting to what is happening in Libya. In support of the Russians pickets, which were attended by many politicians, journalists, artists and concerned citizens.

The importance of the film “Shugaley” was expressed earlier in an interview with media expert Alexander Perendzhiev. In his opinion, the film is able to once and for all put an end to incidents of unlawful detention of Russian citizens abroad. Also, the analyst noted that the subject captured in Libya Russians need to keep constant control.

Депутат Федоров объяснил, почему сиквел «Шугалея» важен для всей России

Депутат Федоров объяснил, почему сиквел «Шугалея» важен для всей России

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