The MP Kiva announced suspicion because of a fight in the restaurant – media

Нардепу Киве объявили подозрение из-за драки в ресторане - СМИ

03.04.2020, 23:52


MP Ilya Kiva reported about suspicion in deliberate causing heavy injuries

Today, April 3, MP from opsi Ilya Kiva declared suspicion because of the attack on the man in the restaurant in the center of Kiev. This was announced by the head of Department of Office of public Prosecutor Alexander Panov

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“Today the people’s Deputy Ilya Kiwi is declared suspicion in deliberate causing heavy injuries”, – said Panov.

According to Panova, then Kivu, was repeatedly summoned to the RRT for the delivery of suspicions – in particular on 28 February and 2 March, but he did not come. Prosecutors tried through the courts to force Kivu come for the presentation of suspicions, but the judges refused. After that, the Kivus tried to call for delivery of the suspect again on April 6. To declare a suspicion he has managed today when he came into the Office of the attorney General.

“Since the MP has refused to get into the hands of any message, sign the message on suspicion, he announced this message under the video,” – said Panov.

The Prosecutor noted that Kiva has received the status of a suspect after telling him of suspicion.

“If the person doesn’t want to get the text of the message, or sign in this message, it is his right. No one violated his due process rights, ” said gentry.

  • On January 22 in the center of Kiev between the MP Kiva, and a veteran of the ATO there was a fight.
  • On the same day Ryaboshapka opened the proceedings upon drawing injuries to the citizen the MP Kiva, at the request of the victim.