The MP named the likely future members of the Cabinet, announced at a meeting of the faction “SN”

Нардеп назвал имена вероятных будущих членов Кабмина, озвученные на заседании фракции "СН"

Tonight held a meeting of Pro-government factions, with the participation of the President of Ukraine Zelensky.

MP Oleksandr Dubinsky called future members of the government, the candidates had voiced at a meeting of the “servant of the people”, which was held tonight with participation of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

As UNIAN correspondent, he said this after the meeting of the faction.

According to Dubinsky, named new names, which may be part of the Cabinet. So, to the post of Minister of agrarian policy discusses the candidacy of Timothy Milovanova, to the post of Minister of Finance Igor Umansky, the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, the Minister of justice remains Denis Malyuska, to the post of Minister of defence proposed the candidacy of Andrei RAM (as you know, the candidacy of the Minister of defence and Minister of foreign Affairs makes the President of Ukraine – UNIAN).

It also provides for the dismissal of Dmytro Dubilet from the post of Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Dubinsky also said that the post of social policy Minister propose to appoint Marina Lazebna, to the post of Minister of youth and sports Vadim Gutza, but the Minister of internal Affairs remains Arsen Avakov.

The MP also confirmed that Parliament received a statement Goncharuk resignation from the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine.