The MP spoke about the changes in gambling laws

Нардеп рассказал об изменениях в законах об игорном бизнесе

Separate amendments to the bill on gambling, which set “to confirm” already changed some provisions of the bill.

This was announced by MP and first Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

Iron ore anticipates that the amendment will last at least one plenary a day until July 15.

According to him, the likelihood that the law will take in the summer is 95%.

“But the important thing is that some rules have changed in the bill. I and my colleagues-deputies of the set “to confirm” some changes that have worsened the law compared to the first reading. If these amendments had not scored 226+ votes, the text of the bill is automatically changed in the final edition,” says ore.

According to him, in law the following changes were made:

– back requirement distance of gambling halls from the schools is not less than 500 m

– returned to compulsory compensation to the family ludomani to 10 times the amount of the loss

– increased to 5 times the cost of a license for the online casino has expanded the circle of persons who could apply to the court for the restriction

– back monitoring system of the slot machines as a separate component of the system online monitoring

– back edition of the term “irreproachable business reputation”.

“From the main it all, the rest is technical detail which do not affect the content significantly.

But in General, anything apocalyptic with the bill not happened … yet” – sums up the MP.