The mummy of the ice age wolf shook the scientific world

In Canada, was made a sensational discovery, a revolution in the scientific community.

Мумия волчонка ледникового периода потрясла научный мир

It turned out that before the ice age the Earth was inhabited by not only such relic species as mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, but also fauna, which were able to revive, to preserve and increase their population. The mummy of the wolf ice age rocked the scientific world. An animal that is almost indistinguishable from modern species, were lost about 50 thousand years ago. Moreover, there was discovered the carcass of a fawn-class caribou.

Мумия волчонка ледникового периода потрясла научный мир

Thus, scientists managed to establish the continuity of the most protected species that could be played after a global cataclysm. Why it couldn’t do mammoths or saber-toothed tigers, still remains a mystery. However, researchers are confident that the latest findings will help to provide answers to many questions related to the ice age and mass extinction of animal species inhabiting the planet at that time.

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