The murder of a politician lübke – alarm signal for Germany

Убийство политика Любке - сигнал тревоги для Германии

The death of Walter lübke shocked Germany. Many believe his murder proof of the radicalization of neo-Nazis. In this regard, right-wing “ADG” came under a new barrage of criticism.

The death of the head of the administrative district Kassel, Walter lübke (Walter L?bcke) shocked the whole country. The politician, who spoke in support of the refugees was shot in the head at close range with a handgun and discovered on the night of 2 June on the terrace of his house in Wolfshagen. The investigation of the crime took Federal prosecutors, indicating how a crime has, as expected, right-wing extremist background, are concerned a significant part of the political Berlin. The opposition Left party, the greens and the liberals of the FDP – require the convening of a special meeting of the parliamentary Committee on internal Affairs.

The investigation will not only reveal evidence against the suspect, but to answer the question of whether the crime the right-wing network, and whether, as suggested by weekly Der Spiegel, to perceive the murder of Walter lübke as an attack on German democracy. The head of the Bureau of investigative journalism public legal channels NDR, WDR and the newspaper’s?ddeutsche Zeitung Mascolo Georg (Georg Mascolo) sees in this crime another proof of the radicalization of the German neo-Nazi groups. Led by Mascolo Bureau of investigation reported that in accordance with one version of fired Federal prosecutors, the murder was involved multiple perpetrators.

Neo-Nazis in Germany are a growing threat

“Everything points to the fact that neo-Nazis radicalized, said George Mascolo in the news program Tagesthemen on ARD TV. – Social networks and the Internet in General, the number of threats and intimidation, the level of hatred, the ranks of the ready for violence right-wing radicals are rising”.

The expert of the Left party on domestic policy by Martin Renner (Renner Martina) also suggests that coming from neo-Nazis, the danger for many years is increasing and represents “a deadly threat”. Since, as was disclosed by a series of murders committed by members of neo-Nazi group “National socialist underground”, “the situation has not stabilized, but, on the contrary, became even more potentially dangerous,” says Renner.

Society and authorities pay too little attention to the danger of right-wing extremism, said in an interview with DW. The expert of the Left party does not believe in the idea that the murder lubke made a single perpetrator. “To start with it would be not only wrong, but dangerous”, says Renner. If you look at the attacks closely, she said, found that they are always political networks. “I am concerned about the possibility that political assassination lubke will speak of a single crime,” – says the politician.

In this regard, Martin Renner once again reminisces about a series of murders committed between 2000 and 2007, members of the “National socialist underground”. Their victims were dozens of people. At the beginning of the investigation, the attorney General insisted that the crime is “just a box, not the network. Such a position is incredibly difficult to find accomplices and organizers of crimes,” said Renner.

The suspect in the murder lübke – right-wing extremist past

The name of the 45-year-old Stefan E., arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Walter lübke, long known to law enforcement. The head of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution Thomas Haldenwang (Thomas Haldenwang) has said that “right-wing extremist career” of a suspect began in the late 1980-ies and since then, he has not changed his beliefs.

About Stefan C., inter alia, it is known that in 1993, he and an improvised explosive device attacked the centre for accommodation of persons who submitted applications for asylum, for which he was sentenced to prison without parole. At the time he was 20 years old. Later, Stefan C., was convicted of infliction of bodily damage, another fire, the reason for which was the hatred of foreigners, and violation of the arms act.

According to law enforcement, more recently, Stefan C., was in close contact with members of the neo-Nazi group “Combat 18” and the neo-Nazis of right-wing extremist National democratic party of Germany (NPD). Nevertheless, intelligence agencies no longer conducted surveillance of Stefan E. – as explained by the Minister of internal Affairs of Germany Horst Seehofer (Horst Seehofer), in recent years he’s “been so obvious.”

Responsibility social networking

Does the case of ştefan E. that the security services have lost sight of the important signs and at an early stage did not reveal signs of further radicalization? The government will have to find the answer to these questions. A consequence of carefully examining the social networks in which Lyubka shortly before the murder were subjected to violent attacks because of their relationship to the refugee and migration policy. “Often the crime is preceded by insults and threats,” – said the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Frank-Walter Steinmeier). The police and the Prosecutor’s office will have to find resources in order to “deprive the anonymity of hatred and incitement to hatred online and consistently pursue them,” he said. In this case, Steinmeier said, companies that own social media platforms should also be held responsible for the criminal behavior of its users.

Many studies indeed confirm that the Internet, especially social networking, has turned into a favorable environment for radical reactionaries. Accusations of hate, incitement, the use of radical slogans often heard in the address of the right populist party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH).

Political associate lübke, member of Parliament from the Christian democratic Union in Hesse, Michael brand (Michael Brand), in an interview with radio station Deutschlandfunk has sharply criticized members of ADH, virtually placing them responsible for the murder of the head of the administrative district Kassel. “There is a direct connection between the endless incitement of Hecke and his minions (Hecke Bjorn (Bj?rn H?cke) – Chairman of the Department of ADH in the Federal state of Thuringia. – Ed.) and violence and now murder. And blind person who does not notice,” said Michael brand.

ADG – catalyst for right-wing violence?

Despite the fact that the “Alternative for Germany” and the leaders of the parliamentary faction of the party jörg Meuthen (J?rg Meuthen) and Alexander Gauland (Alexander Gauland) required to fully investigate the murder of Lyubka and punish it on all severity of the law, they will not be able to refute the accusations that ADH is probably the catalyst for right-wing violence.

Appearing in court right-wing extremists have repeatedly stated that they “relied on ADH and right populist discourse, to be the executor of the will of the alleged majority,” – said in an interview with DW Director of the Institute of democracy and civil society in the German city of Jena Matthias Quent (Matthias Mouser).

Criminals believe they are doing what others only think and act thus “in the interest of real people,” adds the analyst. Against this background, ADH “legitimizes criminal activity” contributes to the strengthening of the neo-Nazi subculture in East Germany, and eliminates constraints.

A political ally of Walter lubke Michael brand believes that Germany will cope with the presented challenges. A murder investigation was taken over by the Federal Prosecutor’s office, the investigation carried out DNA test, which was able to identify the suspect, – all these facts indicate the capacity of the authorities to brand. “The state can take care of himself. Should not treat him lightly,” – said the politician.

Убийство политика Любке - сигнал тревоги для Германии

Убийство политика Любке - сигнал тревоги для Германии

Убийство политика Любке - сигнал тревоги для Германии

Убийство политика Любке - сигнал тревоги для Германии