The murder of a soldier near Kharkov: new details

Убийство солдата под Харьковом: новые подробности

Kharkiv militiamen established that all persons involved in the Commission of murder of the soldier in Chuguev. This was reported to journalists by the chief of GU Ministry of emergency of Ukraine in the Kharkov area Oleg Bech, writes “the Depot”. According to Beha, except the girl who ordered the murder, that night there was another girl. Bech noticed that this girl didn’t know about the other suspect’s intention to commit a crime and was not involved in the murder.

The police chief noted that on the day of the crime the victim voluntarily left the military unit and at about 23:00 was found with the suspects and began to drink alcohol. During drinking of alcoholic drinks the suspects discussed a secret from future victims of his crime. 15-year-old boy was also involved in that discussion and knew about the planned crime.

In a while one of the performers of the murder, told a military that a forest is a hidden tab with marijuana, which they can accept. The customer of murder and the other girl remained at the gate, and three suspects and the victim went ostensibly to find a bookmark.

In the forest of a military beat, took the payroll card and found out her pin. After the suspects struck a large number of knife blows to the victim, stripped of the soldier and left the scene.

Beh added that all the participants in the murder actively testify, but everyone is trying to make excuses and say that he was involved in the crime.

The chief of police said that the young suspect all clearly knew and filmed the murder on the phone to show it to the customer which was offered for the murder of 20 thousand and 13 thousand UAH from the card of the military.

Beh noted that none of the suspects has not been previously convicted. When they left the scene of the crime, the war still showed signs of life.

Help SQ. As reported Depo.Kharkiv chuhuivs’kyi local Procuratorate approved suspicion of the murder of soldier four individuals. The body of 26-year-old soldier-the contract employee with stab injuries was found in the forest near the military unit on March 16. According to preliminary data of the investigation, the organizer of the murder was 22-year-old friend of the deceased soldier. To crack down on a man she was attracted to the three friends of boys aged 15 to 18 years. Two performers announced suspicion of murder from mercenary promptings on the order committed by a group of persons (p. p. 6,11,12 part 2 St. 115 criminal code of Ukraine). 22-year-old girl suspected in the murder (part 3. 27 p 6,11,12 part 2 St. 115 criminal code of Ukraine), and the guy who shot – complicity (part 5, article 27 of p. p. 6,11,12 part 2 St. 115 criminal code of Ukraine). All suspects are detained in order St. 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine.