The murder of Gongadze: Lutsenko told about the role of Kuchma in the case

Убийство Гонгадзе: Луценко рассказал о роли Кучмы в деле

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko considers that the actions of the second President Leonid Kuchma led to the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, though a direct order and was not.

This was attorney General said in an interview Dmitry Gordon.

A direct order was not. But the talk about the need to punish Gongadze led to the fact that the dictatorial system of coordinates came the race who is better and farther by the will of the dictator. That’s why I put it in the wine,

– said Yuriy Lutsenko.

He added that he repeatedly talked about it with Kuchma, and that the second President of Ukraine is generally difficult to speak on this subject.

“He denies, of course, his involvement in the murder of Gongadze. Nevertheless, I see that it is very difficult to talk about it,” added olnick of the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko also considers that “sound judgment, if not legal, then moral” suicide note of former Minister of internal Affairs Yury Kravchenko – one of the main suspects in the case, who allegedly committed suicide.

I’m not to blame, I was the victim of Kuchma and his entourage,

the attorney General quoted the note, and added that, in his view, “Kuchma was not a single good night”.

Who killed Georgiy Gongadze?

Customers of murder are still not ustanovili. Journalist Georgiy Gongadze disappeared on 16 September 2000. In the woods: Kyiv region in November of the same year found the headless body. It is, according to experts, could belong to George. In 2009 in the Kiev region found the remains of a skull, which at the request of the state office of public Prosecutor, belong to Gongadze. The funeral of the murdered journalist was held March 22, 2016 in Kiev.

March 15, 2008 the Appellate court of Kiev found guilty of Gongadze’s murder of three former employees of Department of external surveillance of MIA of Ukraine – Valery Kostenko, Nikolay Protasov and Alexander Popovich. The court deprived them of liberty for a term of 12 to 13 years. 6 January 2017 the Kyiv court of Appeals upheld the life sentence of Alexei Pukach for the murder of a journalist, which was rendered on 9 January 2013.