The murder of the driver BlaBlaCar Taras poznyakova has acquired the resonance

Убийство водителя BlaBlaCar Тараса Познякова приобрело резонанс

The father of the deceased driver BlaBlaCar Taras poznyakova made in court and told about his meeting with a suspect in the murder of her son Dmitri Dove. About it reports the edition “Krapka”.

Note that the final hearing on the Dove, who is suspected of the murder committed on April 4, 2016, will be held on may 24 – then he will announce the verdict. The suspect faces life imprisonment for the massacre of BlaBlaCar driver, who on that fateful day, decided to take two companions during a trip from Lviv to Kiev.

Another suspect, Luan Kingisepp, died on March 23 grenade attack in Kiev apartment.

Man brutally killed the driver BlaBlaCar

In front of the judges was made by the father of the deceased Alexander Poznyakov – the man told about his moral condition, about the meeting with Mr Dove in the jail. As it turned out, immediately after detention (when a Pigeon arrested for the kidnapping, the murder became known later) the suspect made threats and demanded 50 thousand dollars for information about his victim.

The suspect in the murder of Taras poznyakova Dmitry Golub (photo:

“He promised to show what they had done with Taras. And I had to bring in jail for 50 thousand dollars and to drop all charges,” says Alexander Poznyakov.

The father of Taras says that the killer began to demand 75 thousand for the information about the crime, then Alexander Poznyak wrote the application in police about extortion.

And when I turned to Dove, “Tell me what happened to my son? Why did you do it?” – he replied: “After refueling we told him: “Hands on the wheel”. Small do not understand the situation, began to resist, and I made the shot.” He said, “had less to twitch,” – says Alexander Poznyakov.

Then the killer confessed to father Taras that he buried his son.Also the man debunked the myth of the “hero of anti-terrorist operation”, which tried to expose himself as the killer. According to Alexander poznyakova, Dove in the area of ATO were involved in looting and sold stolen cars.

Alexander Poznyakov said that still can’t believe what happened.

Note that for more than a year and a half Dmitry Pigeon is not allowed to meetings because of the behaviour, threats and attempts to harm the members of the court: during one of the sessions Dove pulled out a Board from the bench on which he sat, and threw her to the side of the judges.

Recall, Taras Poznyakov 4 APR went from Lviv to Kiev with fellow travelers, which is found on the service BlaBlaCar. The last time the missing boy seen in the village of Bobrytsia in the gas station, after that connection with him was lost.