The mysterious disappearance of the sailors, the foreign Ministry announced, how many Ukrainians can not find for the last two years (DOCUMENT)

Загадочные исчезновения моряков: МИД сообщил, скольких украинцев не могут отыскать за последние два года (ДОКУМЕНТ)

Ukrainian sailors mysteriously vanish from ships in the open sea. In January-February was reported about three such cases: first at the U.S. coast went missing 41-year-old Denis Litvinenko, then disappeared 36-year-old Evgeny Maslennikov, later the same fate befell the 32-year-old Alexander Goryaeva. Families of the missing citizens of Ukraine do not have any information about what happened to their loved ones. “The view” asked the Ministry of foreign Affairs, as Ukrainian sailors lost at sea in 2019-2020.

As of February 24, in addition to the above cases, the Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine no information about the disappearance of the other seamen – citizens of Ukraine in the current year. Thus, in DCS of the MFA, there are four cases of the disappearance of the Ukrainian sailors in 2019, – reported the foreign Ministry in response to the request “View”.

Also, the foreign Ministry added that the search and rescue operation by the results of three incidents in 2020, “did not give positive results”. Moreover, the foreign Ministry said:

21 Jan in the Atlantic ocean by the crew of the ship GREEN ITALIA established fact of extinction Coca – citizen of Ukraine Evgeny Maslennikov. 22 Jan from the Star Aquila, which was at anchor near the town of mobile (Alabama, USA), also disappeared a citizen of Ukraine Denis Litvinenko. 8 February in the sea of Oman on the ship Victoriya crew were found on Board the second mate Alexander Goryaeva.

The relevant Ministry has instructed all involved in foreign diplomatic establishments of Ukraine to take measures concerning the receipt of results of search and rescue operations and the investigation of the disappearance of the Ukrainians.