The mystery of the empty black sarcophagus in Egypt explains the appearance of Nibiru conspiracy

Perplexing even the most experienced of Egyptologists was caused by the discovery in the Egyptian necropolis of Memphis. Two dozen granite tombs, black in color, made using fantastically unreal technology has become for the time an unsolved mystery.

Тайну пустых черных саркофагов в Египте объясняет появление Нибиру - конспирологи

However, a year later, in connection with the recent cosmological events occurring in the Solar system, conspiracy theorists have suggested that the secret 24 black sarcophagi in Egypt explains the appearance of Nibiru. To believe in this theory or disprove it, you need to consider all the facts and arguments. The facts are that Egyptologists found a sarcophagus unusual on several key parameters. First, their size, reaching a ratio of four to three meters, weight 50 – 100 tons. Second, incredibly precise processing of granite blocks. Invited for examination leading manufacturers of granite clearly stated that currently there are no similar technologies. To create the product is one solid piece with perfectly smooth corners impossible. Third, the sarcophagi, with the exception of one, filled with stinking muck of organic origin, was empty.

Тайну пустых черных саркофагов в Египте объясняет появление Нибиру - конспирологи

According to conspiracy theorists, ufologists and other followers of non-traditional scientific knowledge, sarcophagi (hermetically closed) kept in suspended animation by aliens from Nibiru. Those whom the Sumerians and then the Egyptians recognized as gods, and called Anunnaki. The aliens were supposed to be in the sarcophagus until, when their planet once again appears in the Solar system. After a signal the aliens came out of hibernation and were distributed throughout the Land for the exploration and coordination of its “citizens”. Conspiracy theorists believe that the Anunnaki are many features by which they can be calculated. In particular, very pale skin, weakness to sunlight, and most importantly, an overwhelming passion for gold.

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