“The mystery of the tomb of Moses”: Scientists re-open the Bible

The prophet is buried on mount nebo, but his remains were not detected. He purposely left the puzzle to his grave, could not defile.

«Тайна могилы Моисея»: Ученые заново открывают Библию

Scientists from around the world every day rediscovering the Bible and most of the questions are concerned with the mystery of the tomb of Moses. According to legend, the prophet rests on mount nebo, but his grave has still not managed to find even with the help of special equipment. Some experts believe that Moses purposely left a mystery after his death so that his grave could not defile.

The Bible is a real secret, since each person can interpret it differently, there is disclosed and urgent topic of the Apocalypse. According to one of the verses, the cause of death of millions of people on Earth will become an epidemic, but the exact date of the end of the world is not written. It is noted that one of the signs of the Apocalypse will be the blood moon that was seen recently around the world. The Eclipse caused a considerable surge of conspiracy theorists to put forward new theories about the end of the world.

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