The names held on ORDA after the exchange

Стали известны имена удерживаемых на ОРДЛО после обмена

31.12.2019, 13:38


Names exactly known relatives, but the terrorists were not confirmed

The names of some of the Ukrainians, the retention of which is precisely known ORDA their relatives and Ukrainian human rights activists, but who are not confirmed terrorists during negotiations in Minsk. This was reported by Radio Liberty.

The publication publishes the list of prisoners.


Valeriy Matushenko – entrepreneur, musician, captured July 15, 2017 and “sentenced” to 10 years for “espionage”;

Vitaliy Demyanenko – 68-the summer pensioner arrested September 4, 2018, along with his wife and son. The wife suffered a stroke after his detention and torture after son is dead;

Vladislav Pazushko, Maksim Solodovnikov, Bogdan Kovalchuk, Denis Khmelenko and Yaroslav Mironov – students aged 15 to 17 years old, detained on September 12, 2018. For “terrorism” and “sabotage” received sentences ranging from 10 to 15 years. The next day, after an exchange of December 29, 2019 the leader of “DNR” Denis Pushilin their “pardoned”, released teenagers or not – is unknown;

Sergey Rusinov – 22-year-old student, is condemned to 6 years in prison for “incitement to hatred” and support Ukrainian Patriotic groups in Vkontakte;

Vadim Dreev – missing in April 2019 50 years of the Lugansk region, subsequently accused of undermining the monuments under the control of Russian forces hybrid territory;

Roman Sagaidak – abducted in June 2017, 26 November 2018 accused of “robbery, causing irreparable damage to the Republic.” Got the verdict 13 years imprisonment with confiscation.


Vitali tchmil (36th brigade of Marines), in captivity since may 2, 2018;

Andrew Kaczynski (128-th separate mountain assault brigade), in captivity since 29 December 2018;

Stanislav Panchenko (28th separate mechanized infantry brigade) in captivity from 17 January 2019;

Nikolay Grinenko (79th air assault brigade), in captivity since 23 January 2019;

Igor mironchuk (128-th separate mountain assault brigade), in captivity since February 9, 2019;

Yuriy Gordiychuk (53rd mechanized brigade), in captivity since may 22, 2019;

Pavel Korsun (53rd mechanized brigade), in captivity since may 22, 2019;

Victor Saidov (53rd mechanized brigade), in captivity since may 22, 2019.

  • On December 29 the exchange has returned to Ukraine 76 hostages of the militants of terrorist organizations DNR and LNR, on the temporarily occupied territory went 124.
  • December 30, after the exchange, the representative of Ukraine in the tripartite contact group Valeria Lutkovska expressed a categorical objection against publishing a complete list of names of those whom Ukraine handed over to terrorist organizations DNR and LC during the last exchange. She believes that the list of persons involved must give their personal consent to the publication of their personal data.
  • SBU has published the lists of those who returned to Ukraine, but the lists of those who give Ukraine officially still not released. Known only to the part of the persons on this list is accused of murders on the Maidan ex-Berkut officers, sentenced to life imprisonment in Kharkiv terrorists, etc