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Зонд NASA, що максимально зблизився із Сонцем, передав на Землю сигнал - Техно 24

Solar probe of NASA, Parker became the first space object closer to the Sun at a record distance. He flew past the Orb at a distance of about 24 million kilometers.

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Scientists feared that the probe will be damaged due to the close approach to the Sun, however, the object survived and passed the first signal. This indicates that the Parker Solar Probe operates normally and all of his tools work and collect data.

The first phase of convergence will be completed on November 11, so after a few weeks, the probe should send back the collected data.

“We’re going to approach the Sun closer than ever before. We are not going to do it once, we won’t do it twice – we will do it 24 times, and it’s terrible,” – said project Manager Andrew Dresmann.

The closest approach to the Sun is planned for mid-December 2024, when Parker will be at a distance of six million kilometers from the star.

After that, the probe will burn up in the sunlight.

Recall, solar probe, Parker launched July 31. On October 30th, he set a record – he became the closest to the Sun man-made object in the entire history of space flight.

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